The Ferté bastion

Un cercueil de béton. Film d'animation



Cartoon fiction

Spectacular installation


Com. de Com. des Portes du Luxembourg


masKarade, Audrey Ténaillon

La Ferté-sur-Chiers, a construction on the Maginot line.

In May 1940, the Ferté's bastion, last defense west of the Maginot line, is attacked and partially destroyed by the Germans. It is the beginning of the war and it is unimaginable that the Maginot line should be conquered. The soldiers fight till the end…and die suffocated in the galleries.


An association was created after the war to maintain the site and preserve the 107 sacrificed soldiers' memory.


The animated film directed by Drôle de Trame tells the story of the events which took place in the bastion from the summer of 1939 to May 1940.


The memory work made by historians and members of the association is showcased through filmed interviews.


Several short programs explain the construction's operation and the flaws which led to the disaster with 3D modelization.


Finally, an interactive program, like a multimedia memorial, presents the 107 victims.