Projection sur maquette, le rythme des saisons
Panorama 16 écrans, au rythme des saisons
Panorama 16 écrans, au rythme des saisons
Spectacle 360° interactif - Effervescence
Spectacle 360° interactif - Effervescence
Spectacle 360° interactif sur l effervescence
Spectacle 360° interactif - Effervescence
Film animation sur la géologie
Fresque 10 écrans, élaboration du champagne
Multimedia - Secrets du greffage
Multimedia - Les nuisibles
Projection 3 écrans, les métiers du champagne


Opening in July



Sound design


Spectacular Installation



Cté de communes de la grande vallée de la Marne


Atelier Philéas


Casson Mann



Located in the heart of a Unesco World Heritage vineyard, in Aÿ-Champagne, the interpretation center welcomes its visitors for a unique sensory experience reveiling all of champagne's secrets.


The main part of the scenography is based on the digital experience.

All the audiovisual devices which are inner part of an elegant and sleek scenography were made by Drôle de Trame. More than 20 programs allow the visitors to immerse themselves in a path appealing to their 5 senses. Spectacular settings, immersive projections, innovative games...Because of these devices mixing aesthetic and intense experiences, the visitor is visually and physically taken away to the world of effervescence.


Some of these spectacular audiovisual installations:


360° interactive and fun show about effervescence, wonderful games with champagne's bubbles.

Multi-projections device on vineyard model, floor and walls to feel the climate's effects on the vineyard.

Panoramic composition displayed on 16 screens following the seasons' rythm and the vineyard's cycle.

Multi-projections device on table and 7m long vertical walls evoking the pressing.

Panoramic video on a ten-screens line showing champagne making's different steps.

Documentary film projection on 3 big screens inviting the visitor to discover the different trades in champagne making.


Our teams have also made several varied multi media and sound devices like quizzes on grafting, pest, blending, growth of the vine, a time lapse...All to be discovered in Aÿ-Champagne near Epernay.