Louvre Abu Dhabi - Dragon and Phoenix

Louvre Abu Dhabi
cyclo with immersive show



Immersive and interactive 180° projection

Sound creation



Louvre Abu Dhabi

France Museum


BGC Studio

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Centuries of Exchange Between Chinese and Islamic Worlds


Two audiovisual installations are produced for this exhibition.


The interactive immersive installation Bestiaire offers visitors a unique, sensory and poetic experience.

Within a large circular space, a show projected on the floor and on the wall immerses the visitor. Three large visual tableaux follow one another.

Cameras capture the movements and generate images in real time. In the first tableau, on the floor, a golden dust spreads under the visitors' steps, revealing scorpions trying to hide. In the second painting, the visitor walks on the water and interacts with the waves and the aquatic flora, in the third, he creates delicate clouds under his feet.
The bestiary is inspired by extraordinary animals from the works in the exhibition and from Chinese and Oriental tales.


The second installation, Céramique, is a documentary broadcast on two large vertical screens. The film is an immersion as closely as possible to the ceramics presented in the exhibition.

The curator of the exhibition, Sophie Makariou, presents a selection of works that are exceptional for their finesse and beauty, the result of multiple exchanges between the East and China.


Opening October 2021


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