drôle de trame

Drôle de Trame is a multi-awarded Paris-based film production company created in 2009.

Our company has produced high quality and challenging audiovisual and multimedia content for television, the cinema screen, digital media and museums.

About 150 programs, with eclectic themes: culture, society, history, investigation, science. We carry out long-term work with Arte, France TV and all the other French broadcasters.

Among our most awarded films, let us quote I AM THE PEOPLE, feature documentary by Anna Roussillon, selected by a hundred international festivals and by ACID CANNES 2015.

With cultural and scientific institutions, we work with the Louvre, the Musée Grévin, the Cité des Sciences, the City of wine, the Champagne Interpretation Center…


Documentary films

Our films bring a fresh, curious and innovative look on the world.

Culture, society, history, investigation, sciences...our exploration field is broad and eclectic. Our editorial line's specificity? Films that we follow with passion, a will to understand and a taste for storytelling.



Drôle de Trame is a priviledged partner of museums and cultural institutions. Audiovisual and multimedia contents, 2D and 3D projection, augmented reality, interactive installations, from the most conventional to the most experimental, following a methodology and proven ways of production.

Guided by the desire to create an ever stronger and engaging experience for the user, we thus contribute in an innovative way to the transmission of knowledge and emotions towards a large audience.



The Drôle de trame team


Drôle de trame was created in 2009 by Virginie Adoutte, Claire Lebouteiller and Corinne Planchais. Ten years later, the company merged with Narratio Films founded by Audrey Ferrarese and Maurice Ribière. Maud Huynh joined this new structure at the same time




Virginie Adoutte is a documentary film producer and a director. Her training as an ethnologist is at the heart of her interest for societal and historical subjects. Producer of documentaries for 15 years, she trained herself at Riff Production, where she produced documentary series and directed her first documentaries about the French colonial history. In 2009, she co-founded Drôle de Trame and started to produce creative documentaries on cultural and historical themes, decyphering the societal changes. She also directs historically or scientifically themed audiovisuals for museums. Virginie co-manages the documentary division which has a catalogue of about thirty films for France Télévisions, Arte, Public Sénat...




Claire Lebouteiller is a producer of audiovisuals and multimedia for museums and cultural and scientific institutions. After a spell working on documentaries' production, she became part of Xlargo where she gained a strong experience producing special format images (multi-screen projection, relief, virtual boxes). For the last few years she has extended her field of action and has become executive producer on permanent exhibitions, multimedia shows, scenographies of images. Drôle de Trame's head of production, Claire oversees the company's projects.




Corinne Planchais is an audiovisual and multimedia director for museums and cultural and scientific institutions. Her double artistic (ENSAD) and journalistic (CFJ) training allows her to mix her authority in matter of cultural mediation (pedagoy, messages' hierarchy, research and documentary film making) as well as in matter of creativity which is essential to the creation of pieces for a museographic framework.




Audrey Ferrarese is a producer. For 18 years, she has devoted herself to societal, historical and committed documentaries. She first trained herself at the Compagnie des Taxis-Brousse, then joined Gédéon Programmes where she worked on more than fifty documentary films, among which some international productions as head of production and as executive producer. She then set up on her own and produced around ten documentaries in independent structures. In 2014, she co-founded Narration Films and produced eight films. She joined the Drôle de Trame team in 2019 with Narratio Films.




Maurice RIBIÈRE is a producer. After training for the film industry and being a sound engineer, he started working on institutional films and in advertising. Documentary films producer for 30 years, he has produced more than 200 hours of programs mainly in co-production and broadcasted in all five continents. His films have gathered more than 40 international prizes. He is also an author and a director of documentaries focusing on Man and Earth sciences.




Anne-Sophie Palué has been a production assistant for Drôle de Trame since 2017. After studying History and Art history in the multi-disciplinary graduate at Paris' Sciences and Humanities university (PSL), she put together her interest for humanities sciences and her passion for cinema by integrating the documentary film directing training at Paris VII (Master pro DEMC).




Maud Huynh is a producer. After her studies at the Fémis, she worked for 9 years as head of production and producer at the Films d'Ici company. Then, for 6 years, at Gloria Films, she produced feature length documentaries and tv documentaries, of which some international co-productions. She joined Drôle de Trame in 2019. A speaker in different trainings (the Fémis, the Cinéfabrique, Paris 8, Varan, CEFPF...), she seats in regional aid attribution commissions and at the CNC. She is also an expert for the Fondation de France and a member of the european producers network EURODOC.