The flag


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Cinema feature length documentary


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Joseph Paris

THE flag

Cinema feature length documentary


‘The Flag’ begins the day after the attacks of 13th November 2015 in Paris, France. It documents the intensification of security measures,
the decline in civil liberties, from the rule of law, and goes to meet those who are subjected to its effects and who together try to resist it or survive: citizens of the Muslim confession in Nice, grieving the attacks of 14th July, of up to a third of the victims and their exclusion the day after; families in the Paris suburbs, victims of police persecutions since the state of emergency was declared; or in Paris and Calais, exiled communities and French citizens campaigning beside them.

Alternately, going over some key events of the last thirty years, the film analyses the progressive and methodical construction of a political discourse that has become widespread to the point of becoming commonplace. This official narrative aims to point out the ‘enemies within’.

Finally we can also describe THE FLAG as a film that questions images, those of power through the issue of racism.