Archaeological museum of Enserune





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Archaeological museum of Enserune

At the crossroads of civilizations,


New permanent exhibition

Travel between the Celtic, Iberian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman worlds and discover the daily life of the inhabitants of Ensérune over seven centuries.

The collections are highlighted by a scenography that invites the visitor to follow in the footsteps of archaeologists.


- A projection of an animated film on a relief map, produced with Les Fées Spéciales, presents Ensérune as a crossroads of civilizations.

- Several multimedia displays illuminate the coins on display, allowing visitors to zoom in and reveal their drawings.

- A projection on a relief model evokes, through a game of watercolors and shadow puppets, the first human settlements in this unique ecosystem.

- A touch table allows the visitor to explore the excavations of the necropolis.

- An animated film projects the visitor into a funeral rite.

- Several multi-media presentations deepen the content of the exhibited objects. 

- Two multimedia games invite the visitor to become an archaeologist and classify ancient vases according to their uses and motifs.