Clos Lucé



Immersive projection



SAS d’exploitation SB



Anne Carles

Hélène Robert

Annabelle Jeanne 

assistées de Sébastien Volette

Leonardo da Vinci at Clos Lucé

In an old 19th-century textile building redesigned by the Chaix & Morel Architecture Workshop, a course designed by Arc-en-Scène unfolds over 500 square meters a new look at Leonardo da Vinci.


Drôle de Trame produces the flagship show of the visit: a visual and sensory dive into the artist's painted work.

Projected onto the walls and ceiling of a 15 m long room, the visitor immerses himself virtually in the works and discovers all their beauty and technicality through compositions of drapes, details, faces, hands...


And in the multimedia area, two scientific and fun touch tables (on geometry and perspective) complete the visit.

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