MUSÉE DE L'HOMME : Us and them

Installation spectaculaire : le cylindre des préjugés © MNHN - JC Domenech
Installation spectaculaire : le cylindre des préjugés




Spectacular installation

Multimedia devices


Musée de l'Homme - MNHN


Atelier Confino

Us and Them - from stereotypes to racism: temporary exhibition at the Musée de l'Homme

This exhibition launches a programme centered on contemporary issues. 

We have made several devices:

  • The categories roller: this spectacular installation introduces the exhibition. The pictures of twenty people, classified by physical, social and religious groups are projected at scale 1 on a cylinder space. The aim here is to show how we classify human beings by types and how this natural habit can easily drift towards bias and casual racism. 
  • A number of multimedia programs inspired by social psychological tests, give the visitor the opportunity of experiencing and understanding the mechanisms leading to stereotypes and rejection towards others. 
  • 3 animated films question science, especially genetics, to understand humanity's diversity.