Natural History Museum of Bordeaux



3d animation

Sound creation

Spectacular installation


Bordeaux Métropole


Achim Von Meier – Die Werft

Natural History Museum of Bordeaux

Pictures, lights and sounds show


The Natural History Museum of Bordeaux gets a facelift. After 10 years of it being closed, the people of Bordeaux are going to get back their favorite animals: elephant, whale, giraffe, rhinoceros and thousands of other naturalized (ou stuffed) species in a renewed scenography. 


Drôle de Trame directed the multimedia show of the 2nd floor's big room telling the history of our planet's discovery and the challenges ahead. 

Video, sounds and light effects give life to the specimen shown in the restored display cabinets, and on «clouds» full of surprises.


The film provides strong choices creative 3D animations: the animals become facetted creatures, archetypes who venture into a real picture. This creates a world as much poetic as resolutely modern.