Hand over your leather jacket!

File-moi ton cuir
Alexandre Samson, Palais Galliera
(c) Patrice Stable
(c) Jean Philippe Charbonnier gamma-rapho
(c) Yan Morvan
Jérome Sans
L'équipee Sauvage (c) rue des archives







When We Were Kids


Stéphane Carrel

Hand over your leather jacket!


10X4mn webseries – ARTE.fr

Directed by Stéphane Carrel, based on an idea by Marc Beaugé


Wether sold for a fortune in a luxury shop or exchanged after a bicycle chain fight in a wasteland, the leather jacket unleashes heated passions. From the «Flight» to the «Perfecto» by way of the fashion designers' «leather», Hand over your leather jacket! tells the story of a mythical object, from its birth in the army to the rockers, the bikers and the rebel movements which passed through its existence.


In ten 4mn-episodes, Hand over your leather jacket! explores this pop culture icon in music and cinema, urban tribes and counter-culture. Through numerous archives and interviews, Hand over your leather jacket! goes out to meet craftsmen, fashion journalists and historians but, above all, collectors and enthousiasts.


Hand over your leather jacket!, is an unprecedented webseries since no documentary about the «leather jacket» has ever been made. So, come on, hand over your leather!