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Retrogaming made in France

Documentary webseries


The 1990's saw the birth of video games' «French touch». Retrogaming made in France dives with relish into an enchanted era's legend, to the (re)discovery of gameplay and these «hits»' old-fashioned graphisms which largely influenced today's designs.  

Retrogaming made in France is the story of France's gaming industry's origins. Ten episodes, ten iconic games and their designers, such as Philippe Ulrich and Captain Blood, Eric Chahi and Another World, Eric Raynal and Alone in the Dark, Paul Cuisset and The time travellers or Benoît Sokal and Syberia. The series tells the human adventure behind the creation of these games: facing evermore complicated (ou complex) machines, the problems between the designers and the producers but, most of all, the radical eccentricity which allowed the «videogames' old men» to

establish themselves on the videogame's world stage. The series' tone, resolutely ironic and distanced, benefits from the presence of youtuber Benzaie who takes a tender but sharp look on these games from another time.


Retrogaming made in France, the unprecedented chronicle of a scene which contributed to the rise of a new art.

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